Technical Advantages Of Belt Conveyor

- Apr 03, 2018-

The first is that it runs reliably. Belt conveyor is used in many important production units that need continuous operation, such as coal transportation in power plants, transportation of scattered materials in steel works and cement plants, and ship loading and unloading in ports. If we shut down on these occasions, the loss is huge. If necessary, the belt conveyor can work continuously from class to class.

The power consumption of the belt conveyor is low. As the material and the conveyer belt almost have no relative movement, it not only makes the running resistance small (about the 1/3-1/5 of the scraper conveyor), but also has small wear and breakage and high productivity. These all help to reduce the cost of production.

The transmission line of the belt conveyor is adaptable and flexible. The length of the line is determined according to the need. Shorter is several meters, and the length can reach more than 10km. It can be installed in small tunnels, and can also be mounted over the ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas.

According to the requirements of the technological process, the belt conveyor can receive materials from one point or multiple points very flexibly, and also can be discharged to multiple points or sections. When the conveyor belt is added at several points at the same time (such as the conveyor under the coal store in the coal plant) or any point along the length direction of the belt conveyor to the material through the uniform feeding equipment, the belt conveyor becomes a main trunk line.

The belt conveyor can be reclaimed from the roadway below the material stack of the coal yard. When needed, it can also mix different materials of different heap. The material can be simply discharged from the conveyor head, and also can be discharged at any point in the length direction of the conveyor belt by plow type unloader or mobile unloading truck.