Present Situation Of Belt Conveyor

- Apr 03, 2018-

There are many kinds and types of belt conveyors made in China. During the period of "85", the technical level of the belt conveyer has been greatly improved through the implementation of the national one dragon "daily production of 10000 tons fully mechanized mining equipment", and the key technology research and new product development of the large power and long distance belt conveyer in coal mine have made great progress. Such as large dip angle long distance belt conveyor complete set of equipment, high and high efficiency working face retractable belt conveyor and so on fill the gap in the domestic, and the key technology and the main components of the belt conveyor to carry out theoretical research and product development, the development of a variety of soft starting and braking devices and PLC as the core of the programmable electronic control device, the drive system is adjusted. Speed hydraulic coupling and planetary gear reducer.