Main Points Of Belt Conveyor Installation

- Apr 03, 2018-

The most common fault in the operation of the main point belt conveyor is the deviation of the tape, most of which are caused by the non straight installation center line, the non vertical axis of the roller center line with the center line of the conveyor, the non vertical axis of the supporting roller and the belt center line, and the non straight joint of the tape. In order to ensure the quality of installation, the following points should be followed: 1. The central line of the head rack and tailstock should be coincided with the longitudinal central line of the conveyor, with a tolerance of 3mm. (2) the horizontal center line of the roller and the longitudinal center line of the conveyor should be reconnected, the tolerance is 2mm; the axle center line of the roller and the vertical center line of the conveyor should be vertical and the tolerance is 2/1000; the tolerance of the busbar on the roller is 0.5/1000, and the cushion plate can be adjusted at the bracket. The roller horizontal center longitudinal center line and the conveyor line should be coincident, tolerance is 3mm. The adhesive tape of the adhesive joint on both sides of the edge to remain in a straight line. No load test run of conveyor 2h, during operation, the conveyor belt should not slip, run or run smoothly, and there should be no friction and impact between the moving parts and the body.