Design Points Of Belt Conveyor

- Apr 03, 2018-

1. Working environment, conditions and conditions

We need to consider the daily operation time, the working frequency, the service life of the belt conveyor, the feeding and unloading methods.

Working environment and conditions: ambient temperature, outdoor or indoor, environmental protection requirements, mobile or fixed and telescopic requirements.

2. Problems of transmission lines and conveyer belts

The size of the transmission line needs to be considered in detail, including the inclination angle, the maximum length, the height of lifting, the dimension of the straight line, the curve section, the connection size and so on.

Conveyor belt: the maximum sag requirement, the simulated friction resistance coefficient, the friction coefficient and the safety factor.

3. The properties and delivery of materials

The specific properties of the material should be considered, including loose density, angle of rest, particle size, maximum lump, material humidity, material wear, adhesion and friction coefficient. The amount of transportation that can be directly reached when the conveying volume is uniform, and the basic statistical data of material flow can be considered when the material flow is uneven.