Classification Of Belt Conveyor

- Apr 03, 2018-

Common type

General fixed belt conveyor

Fixed belt conveyor is the most widely used coal mine at present. It is mainly used for occasions with a level or inclination less than 18 degrees. The characteristics of this conveyor are: the frame is fixed on the floor or on the base. It is used in inclined shaft, main underground tunnel and coal preparation plant. It is not convenient to move or erect misoperation and misoperation. The belt is 1600mm, 1400mm, 1200, 1000, 800 and so on.

Light fixed belt conveyor

The conveyor belt of light fixed belt conveyor is thin, and the load is also lighter. The transport distance is generally not more than 100m, and the motor capacity is not more than 22KW.

Steel rope core belt conveyor

It is a high strength belt conveyor. The core of the conveyor belt has parallel thin steel rope, and the distance between a conveyor and a conveyor can reach several kilometers to dozens of kilometers. The high strength can realize the long distance transportation of the single machine, make the transportation system simplified, the transportation efficiency is high, the cost of equipment and the transportation cost are far lower than that of the belt conveyer with the general fabric core.

Special structure type

Telescopic belt conveyor

The telescopic belt conveyor is mainly used in the transportation of the roadway transportation in the coal mining face or the transportation of the material when the tunnel is tunneling. The tail of the belt can be telescopic with the change of the working face, which effectively solves the continuous delivery of the material under the special conditions.

Large angle belt conveyor and vertical lifting belt conveyor.

According to the requirements of the field space conditions.

Horizontal turning belt conveyor

The horizontal turning belt conveyor can bypass the building or the unfavorable terrain, reduce or even do not set the intermediate reload station, centralized system power supply and control, reduce the risk of material overflow or blockage, reduce dust flying, noise, and unnecessary energy consumption.

Air cushion belt conveyor

The conveyer belt runs on the air film (air cushion), replacing the running rollers with the immovable air chamber disc and air chamber with air holes, reducing the moving parts, reducing the total equivalent mass, reducing the resistance, improving the efficiency, and running smoothly, and improving the speed of the belt. But generally, the bulk of the material is not more than 300mm.

pipe conveyor

Through the guidance of idlers, the conveyor belt is rolled into a circular tube and equipped with a dedicated roller group structure and fuselage structure, that is, tubular belt conveyor. The conveyor belt is rolled into a circular tube, which can realize dense and dense transportation of materials, reduce the pollution of powdery materials to the environment, and achieve the transportation of bending and large inclination.

Reversible belt conveyor

The conveyor can be operated directly and reversely to meet two or more discharging.