Characteristics Of Transmission Principle Of Belt Conveyor

- Apr 03, 2018-

The traction force of the belt conveyer is passed through the friction between the drive roller and the belt, so it is necessary to tighten the tape with the tightening device so that the tape has a certain initial tension at the separation place of the drum.

The tape and cargo run together on a roller. The tape is not only a traction mechanism, but also a bearing mechanism. There is no relative motion between the cargo and the belt, which eliminates the frictional resistance between the belt and the cargo in operation. As the roller bearing is contained in the roller, the friction between the tape and the roller is rolling, so the running resistance is greatly reduced, so the power consumption is reduced and the transportation distance is increased. For a belt conveyor, the size of its traction power depends on the tension of the tape, the enclosure angle of the belt on the drive roller and the friction coefficient between the belt and the drive roller. In order to ensure that the belt conveyor does not slip and operate normally, the corresponding measures should be taken according to different situations in production practice.