Basic Composition Of Belt Conveyor

- Apr 03, 2018-

The whole machine of the belt conveyor shall include the following parts (but not limited to):

(1) tape

(2) the roller group

(3) drum group

(4) driving device (including motor, reducer, mechanical coupling, driving device base, etc.).

(5) disc brake

(6) a backstop

(7) tightening device

(8) guide slot

(9) belt sweeper

(10) intermediate frame, outrigger, roller support, feeder plate, safety protection cover, guardrail and other steel structures.

(11) paint and solvent for on-site paint, trial run of oil and lubricants.

(12) all the consumable and vulnerable parts needed during installation, commissioning and trial run.

(13) equipment installation, maintenance, inspection and operation. Special tools, instruments, debugging instruments and meters.