Working principle of vacuum conveying equipment

- Apr 03, 2018-

1. under the drive of compressed air, the multistage ejector vacuum pump (A) produces vacuum.

2. discharge valve (B) is closed, then storage (C) and (D) vacuum pipeline.

3. under vacuum, the material is inhaled from the suction location (E) to the powder storage bin through the conveying pipeline.

4. filter (F) can well achieve the separation of gas from the transported powder.

5. while conveying powder, compressed air is filled and punching to recoil air bag (G).

6. vacuum pump stops running, the discharge valve is opened, the materials falling to the discharge position. At the same time, the compressed air in the recoil air bag is released, and it is automatically cleaned and adhered to the powder particles of the filter.

7. the vacuum pump works again and starts a new round of circulation. During the whole transportation process, the suction and discharge time is controlled by pneumatic or electric controller (H).